The Ultimate UK Driving Holiday

The Ultimate UK Driving Holiday

If you are a driving-holiday enthusiast, you should visit the British countryside! With picturesque villages, breathtaking moorland, magnificent green hills and expansive coastline, the countryside has a myriad of tourist attractions that can keep your holiday spiced up.

For those of you who have just passed that tricky driving theory test and got the keys to your brand new car why not kickstart your driving holiday UK at the Cotswolds which is home to beautiful villages & towns, gentle hills, cosy country clubs and historic churches.

The Cotswolds


This area has excellent roads, so exploring it by car will be like a walk in the park. Take at least two days to explore the Cotswolds. Accommodation is widely available! You can decide to stay in a traditional village inn.

Peak District


Spend a couple of days at the Peak District which boasts deep river valleys, rocky outcrops and moorland. Park your car in a safe place and indulge in thrilling outdoor activities such as rock climbing, horse-riding and caving. You can also explore Chatsworth House which showcases beautiful artifacts and traditional items. Accommodation is not a problem in the Peak District. You can stay in one of the area’s luxury hotels.

Yorkshire Dales


Your next stop should at the Yorkshire Dales which welcomes you with beautiful ancient ruins and traditional villages. Drive through the villages and have a stop at the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Take a one-day trip to the magnificent city of York and the lively Yorkshire coast. Concerning accommodation, stay in a luxury country house hotel.

Lake District


The Lake District is another place you shouldn’t fail to visit when having a driving holiday UK. It has a striking scenery featuring towering hills & mountains, pretty villages and sparking lakes. When visiting this place, you just need to park your car somewhere and get involved in awesome outdoor activities such as ghyll scrambling, kayaking, windsurfing, rock climbing and horse-riding. Choose a luxury hotel or a fine country club for your accommodation needs.

Scottish Highlands


You can then conclude your holiday at the Scottish Highlands which doesn’t disappoint with its stunning mountains and gorgeous islands. After exploring the highlands, head on to a country club & restaurant and grab a fine whisky or some delicious seafood. When it comes to accommodation, spend your night in a luxury boutique hotel.

3 Great Reasons to Rent a Holiday Cottage on your Next Trip Australia

3 Great Reasons to Rent a Holiday Cottage on your Next Trip Australia

Thinking of taking a well-deserved holiday away from home? Australia is quickly gaining traction as one of the most preferred destinations by tourists from all over the globe. Sure, maybe tropical regions offer higher temperatures due to lots of sunlight, but who wants to spend their entire holiday in an oven?

Dotted with attractive scenery and rich historical monuments, Australia has definitely not been left behind as the ultimate staycation hotspot. More recently, however, renting holiday cottages in the region has become all the rage among visitors who are looking forward to enjoying all that Australia has to offer. In addition to saving your money, these cottages promise the utmost luxury, comfort and convenience. Let’s take a closer look at why you simply have to rent a holiday cottage on your next trip to Australia.

gym facilities

1. Peace and Tranquillity

As most of you will undoubtedly agree, there is nothing more irritating than having loud and unruly hotel room neighbours. Just the noise alone can turn your vacation into a complete nightmare. Imagine trying to spend a relaxing evening with your special someone only to be distracted by banging doors and stomping footsteps all over the corridor!

By renting your very own holiday cottage, you avoid all these undesirable scenarios since you get all the freedom and privacy you need. No more noisy nights, unruly neighbours, or trouble with hotel staff.

2. Incredible Facilities

Unlike hotels, most holiday cottages in Australia come equipped with all the amenities and facilities that make you feel right at home. Whether it’s a fully functioning kitchen, well-furnished living rooms or outdoor garden where the owners have been growing herbs in pots, that can be used in your evening meals, these cottages have it all.

If you are a travel junkie who likes to enjoy more than a room, always make sure that you rent a holiday cottage near your preferred vacation spot ahead of time. This way, you get to enjoy premium luxury cottages with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, game rooms, log fires and even outdoor sports.

pool facilities

3. More Value for Less Money

Wouldn’t it be great to have fun and also save loads of money while on vacation? Whether you are staying only for a short weekend or an extended vacation, Australia has some of the finest rates in the market for renting holiday cottages.

As compared to hotel rooms that are aimed at breaking your bank account in half, a cosy Australian holiday cottage will only cost you a fraction of the price. For a very pocket-friendly price, you and your family get to enjoy great accommodation with top of the range luxuries. It doesn’t get any better than this.

With these and more reasons in mind, it is very easy to see why renting a holiday cottage in Australia is the best option for both local and international tourists. Make sure you check out all the facilities and different locations to get the most suitable cottage for you and your family. To avoid a last minute rush, book your holiday cottage now and get ready for the experience of a lifetime.

Top 5 Fishing Destinations From Around The World

Top 5 Fishing Destinations From Around The World

When it comes to fishing, you want to be able to find a spot which intersects catching some great fish, while also having surrounded by breath taking scenery. Listed below are 5 of the top fishing destinations from around the world which encapsulate this idea.

1) Gold Coast, Australia

Visiting this location during the months of September and October are best for some deep sea fishing gold coast style! It’s the beginning of springtime in Australia and going during these months will grant you the opportunity to catch some Black Marlin with your chances increased if you.


2) Umba River, Russia

This river is a little more secluded than some other spots, which means you need to be very mindful of the wildlife which inhabits the surrounding area. Once you make it to the river, though, you’ll see that the Salmon you can catch is worth making the extra trek.

3) Boulder Creek, Colorado

If you are an Angler Fisher, this is the spot for you. One of the better kept secrets (although we expect not for long) among where to fish, you won’t have much down time with your line. There are all kinds of Trout available, including brown and rainbow.

4) Lough Currane, Ireland

As with most fishing spots, Springtime is the best time to visit this river. With the mountains in the background along the west coast of Ireland, you will be able to catch some great Salmon in this locale.

5) Jerome Lake, Alaska

Found in the wilderness of Alaska, you are surrounded by both mountains and large trees on both sides of the lake. This will help keep your line straight so you can catch both the Salmon and Rainbow Trout swimming within this river.

If you’d rather be fishing than doing what you are currently, then hopefully you can plan a trip to one of these destinations soon. There is nothing wrong with catching some great fish while also relaxing while marveling at all the beautiful nature surrounding you.

5 Of The Best Self-Catering, Holiday Cottages in the UK

GEORGE GICHIRI Cottages are a fun place to hang out whichever the occasion and season. If you’re looking for a cottage and campsite, here are five of the best self catering options in the UK.

1. Rose Cottage, Devon


Honeymooners love this romantic and luxurious cottage with an 18th-century thatch but 21st-century luxuries. Visitors enjoy many of the cottage’s original features including an inglenook fireplace complete with a bread oven and log burner and original floor boards. To earn a pace among the best romantic holiday cottages, Rose Cottage also offers its visitors a vast Beachcomber hot tub in a private and secluded garden position.

2. The Cider Mill, the Wye Valley

Need a family break with the pets? Your kids and dogs will love the Cider Mill Cottage, located in a scenic 15th-century farmstead in Herefordshire. The cottage highlights include the cottage’s spectacular original and historic features and great views over countryside and river. If you love fishing, the cottage grants you full fishing rights.

3. Camping Pods, Eskdale

Camping Pods is excellent for a budget break. The self catering cottage can comfortably offer up to four campers a cozy, secure, wooden and wool-insulated shelter.

4. Millbrook, North Devon


Millbrook has something for every couple. This boutique award-winning, romantic location on a private and secluded 32-acre estate, features four luxury holiday cottages. Two of the cottages are pet-friendlyAdditionally. Additionally, there is fishing on site and great local bars in the vicinity. Millbrook focuses on romantic occasions such as honeymoons, engagements and anniversaries.

5. Rosliston Forest Lodges, the National Forest

If you love the idea of getting active in the forest, Rosliston Forest Lodges is your kind of cottage. The cottage offers comfortable accommodation in log cabins that are strategically close to serene country footpaths and quiet bike trails. Visitors can also enjoy varied outdoor pursuits and family-friendly courses offered by the nearby Forestry Centre. Such fun activities include fishing, falconry, orienteering and archery.

6. Tan Y Bryn Holiday Park

Tan Y Bryn caravan park situated in Bryn Pydew provides comfortable, affordable facilities with outstanding views of the sea & Snowdonia. The park is located on a peaceful working farm.